We can see the future of Comedy Community Business

Virtual comedy club built on the blockchain 

Powered by Community, NFT’s & Social Utility 

Welcome to the MCC

Get ready to unmute your mic, unlock your personality and make the Metaverse laugh!

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Customised Events Services
Customised Events Services
NFT Club Ownership
NFT Club Ownership
Live Metaverse  Events
Live Metaverse Events
Play2Earn Comedy Games
Play2Earn Comedy Games

Business on the Blockchain

Building Community Through Comedy

The Meta Comedy club is an exciting experiment that is making two worlds collide, comedy and blockchain technology. We will be pioneering the next generation of live entertainment and events in the Metaverse. 

Who doesn’t need to laugh more?

Meta comedy Club

We can see the future with NFT’s, and it’s funny looking! The Metaverse can’t be all 0’s and 1’s. Meta Comedy Club will bring the funny to the Metaverse, building a unique ecosystem that will take NFTs to greater heights of utility and enterprise. 

How our mint will Work?

Like Comedy? Join The Club!

We will have the funniest and fairest launch in the Metaverse, by way of opportunities for the community to engage and participate in order to secure a VIP Whitelist Pass for the upcoming Genesis Pass Mint

Like comedy? Join the club!

Ownership Pass NFT

Take part in our upcoming Genesis Ownership Membership Mint!


Collection: 1000 Passes  

3D Characters NFT

Claim a Multiverse members 3D voxel characters NFT


Collection: 5000 Characters   

$MCC Token 

Claim an allocation of the clubs $MCC utility token


Tokenomics TBA

Lets Try Something Different

play2Earn Comedy

Utilizing the open-source ecosystem of Minecraft, combined with the P2E mechanics of NFTWorlds, we aim to offer holders of our community a range of exciting new comedy games and virtual experiences:
🎤   Unmute Your Mic
🎤   Unlock your personality
🎤   Earn rewards & Prizes

Powered by NFTs

In our first Metaverse location the $WRLD token is the main utility token that will drive the Meta Comedy Club NFTWorlds ecosystem, it will be used to purchase or sell NFT event tickets and lots more 

🎭   Multiverse live event locations & property’s 

🎭   Live Play2Earn games and Metaverse experiences 

🎭   Fully customized event service

🎭   Book our professional comedians & event hosts

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