Road Map

Club Roadmap

Together, We’re Going To Revolutionise Comedy

Our Vision is to create a profitable and fun blockchain environment for members, acts and guests alike.  We will do this whilst promoting the overall values and development of the comedy industry as a whole. This is the start of a journey with challenges and opportunities yet unknown—However, it is our mission to develop the Meta Comedy Club into the funniest place in the Metaverse!

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Completed Up Next
OG Assignment Active Now
How to get OG Role?

Get involved, make us laugh, get OG Role!

We will be awarding the role of OG through a series of opportunities for the community by actively engaging and participating in discord. There will only be 2,500 OG roles. OG roles holders are given early pre-mint access for the Genesis Pass. After mint if you have an OG role and a Genesis membership, you’ll be the first in line for the club and always be on the guest list making you a VIP in the MCC.

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VIP Whitelist MintJune 28th
Genesis Ownership Mint ( VIP Whitelist Mint )

We want our Genesis Members NFT Passes in the hands of real people doing real things and contributing in meaningful ways. We will have the funniest and fairest launch in the Metaverse. The only way of obtaining an early release spot for the upcoming Genesis Pass pre-mint is to have the OG role assigned in discord.  The mint price will be 0.101 ETH. 

Public Mint
Genesis Ownership Mint ( Public Mint )

Get ready to hear the laughter throughout the Metaverse!! 

There are only ever going to be a total of 5,000 Genesis Membership NFT Passes. The mint price will be 0.101 ETH and will be available for public mint on ( Date TBA )

Club Doors Open (Members only)Q3 2022
👇 The Fun Starts Here👇

Members Beta access for Meta Comedy Club first world

🎁 3D Characters NFT Claim

🎁 $MCC Token Allocation  

🎁 Live Play2Earn Comedy Game

Get ready to see the new and exciting world of Play2Earn comedy games built on NFTWorlds ecosystem 

Events Coming Soon
Club Doors Open
Club Genesis Members Events

We will be holding regular members only events including quizzes, giveaways, competitions and comedy battles.

Comedy Launchpad

Meta Comedy Club aims to revolutionise the comedy industry, we will have a host of events aimed at the armchair comedians and up and coming comedy superstars  

Members will be able to vote and tip their favourite acts

NFT Community Events

NFT Community Events Unique virtual and comedy themed events, comedy battles, competitions and comedy collaborating with other NFT communities.



Meta Comedy Club presents its debut professional Meta Comedy Night!

( Ticket sales will be available for guest members )

The Future
Custom Events
Corporate Event Services

🚀  Custom Event Design & Management Services 

Renting out of our space for customized events and to other NFT communities. The events can be comedy or anything else that suits your needs


Members Claim
First Distribution of Clubs Profits

More information on the processes and mechanisms will be announced live to our genesis members when we all get together in our new members only lounge at the club