Whitelist Campaign 

Lets Try Something Different

We’ve seen way too many project launches and whitelist campaigns where whales and bots gain the advantage and ruin everyone’s fun and opportunity. We want our Genesis Members Passes in the hands of real people, doing real things, and contributing in meaningful ways. We will have the funniest and fairest launch in the Metaverse, by way of opportunities for the community to engage and participate in order to secure whitelist spots for the upcoming Genesis Pass Mint

How to get Whitelisted 

Whitelist Opportunities


Metas Got Talent

Simply click the link below and submit your best joke. If you make one of our team laugh, you have a good chance of making the whitelist!


NFT Community Battle

Head over to our Discord and submit your favourite NFT joke.  We will see who the funniest species or community in the Metaverse really is!


Community Engagement

We will be announcing lots of fun opportunities on our social media and Discord channel. Get involved, be yourself and get whitelisted!

ways to get whitelisted

Metas Got Talent
NFT Community Battle
Community Engagement

Didn’t Make The Whitelist?
 Don’t Worry!

There will be plenty of opportunities to win spots on the whitelist, we won’t be setting the joke bar high, and our judging team finds the jokes in Christmas crackers funny (so your lame jokes will do just fine!).  Depending on levels of engagement throughout the campaign, or if any spots remain unclaimed, we will be adding anyone who didn’t make the whitelist to our guest list. We want maximum participation where everyone has the opportunity to mint one Genesis Club Members Pass. This is about maximum inclusion, and building a space for everyone to have a good time.


Receiving a whitelist spot guarantees 1 x Genesis Members Pass. There will be a window of several days in which you can mint. More information will be released well in advance of the mint dates. 


Receiving a Guest list spot comes with the opportunity to mint 1 x Genesis Members Pass. This will be done on a first come, first served basis, until all Genesis Members Passes have been minted. 

Still have Question?

You can more information and announcements on in Discord server. Head over and say hello!

We will be running a series of campaigns and giveaways where you can win a whitelist spot. 

If you don't know any good jokes, don't sweat it! Head over to our discord & twitter and get involved. We read every tweet, replay and comment posted. We will be rewarding genuine community engagement.

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